What to expect


When you arrive for your first class…

Please arrive early for your class to allow time for payments etc & to settle yourself on your mat or at the barre….. Doors will be locked a few minutes prior to class starting.

Mats are available and will be set up for your use, however you are very welcome to use your own mat which can be placed on top of the mats in the studio

Hot yoga:

Please bring a towel or two, one medium size to catch the drips and a smaller one to wipe the drips.

Hydrate well prior to, during and after class. Filtered water with a pinch of Celtic sea salt or Himalayan, a squeeze of lemon juice or ½ cup of cold pressed apple juice mixed with 1 litre of water is a good option

Try to avoid eating anything other than a small snack at least 1 ½ hrs before class. 


Tracy Boland