4 Week Yoga Challenge


Join us...

By committing to this short, sweet, nourishing 4-week challenge, you will feel strengthened, lengthened, flexed, balanced and detoxified. It will also give you a solid foundation and practice from which to build on.

This challenge will offer you the opportunity to truly connect with your body and begin to notice & feel the real benefits a regular yoga practice can offer you; both mentally and physically.

And by making at least two of your weekly classes heated yoga, you are even more likely to see the welcome side-effects of clearer skin, weight loss and an overall glow.

Finally, what is learnt on the yoga mat – strength, resilience, serenity - becomes part of who you are and helps to transform not just your body, but your whole life.

About the challenge...

Each week will have a specific focus and every class, although different and still fitting with the class style (i.e yin, flow, beginner), will be sequenced according to that week’s focus, ensuring a well-rounded, balanced practice. Asanas, pranayama and meditation will also follow the themes throughout the week.

Week 1: To kick off the challenge, we will be finding our balance & sense of grounding. It will provide us with the perfect start and set us up for the following three weeks, drawing our attention to alignment while also improving strength, concentration and memory.

Week 2: Continuing to build on our balance this week we will be going upside down. Inversions are any pose where your head is lower than your heart. They can be playful and fun but at the same time help us to build trust in ourselves, overcome fear and break out of our comfort zone. The benefits are many and can include improving circulation and energy while building on core strength and confidence.

Week 3: Twists: twisting in yoga can have a wonderful detoxifying effect on the body; compressing muscles and organs, blocking the flow of blood and when you release, blood flows back into those areas bringing with it vital nutrients to nourish our bodies and soul. Other benefits include opening of the chest, shoulders and back, helping to release tension and anxiety.

Week 4: Our final week will take on a slower, more restorative pace, cultivating a sense of steadiness and ease within your body and mind. A deep, nourishing practice absorbing and relishing in our sense of openness and freedom our practice over the past 3 weeks has created.


  • The Challenge starts Monday, February 11th and finishes Monday, March 11th

  • You are welcome to attended as many classes as you like during the month, however a minimum of 3 classes per week is required to complete the challenge.

  • 1 pass per person

  • Challenge passes are valid from the 11th Feb to the 11th of March

  • Any passes purchased prior to challenge can be put on hold and used after the challenge has been completed

  • Challenge passes can be purchased at the Solfit Yoga & Barre studio

Your Investment Includes

  • A One-Month Unlimited Class Pass at Solfit Yoga & Barre

  • A 200ml face & body mist, infused with doTERRA essential oils

  • A $10 voucher to GLO – "Good Living Organics"

  • Weekly newsletter filled with information on the week ahead, key yoga poses & their benefits, meditation or breathing exercises, recipes and relevant tips to guide you through the challenge and help you achieve a deeper understanding of your yoga practice.

  • Upon completion of the challenge, one lucky yogi will become the owner of a beautiful new "Yin Yoga” mat from Ella and Zafran

Cost $190.00

Purchase your 4-WEEK CHALLENGE pass at Solfit Yoga & Barre

5 Lewis Street, Port Lincoln or contact Tracy on 0433 277 448, email: tracy@solfityoga.com.au

Solfit 4 week yoga challenge
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