Welcome to Solfit Yoga & Barre

A beautiful, contemporary studio offering dynamic and restorative forms of Yoga and Barre classes that will not only compliment your current exercise regime but also provide a real fitness alternative

Solfit - Hot Yoga & Barre Studio by Tracy Boland
Solfit Hot Yoga & Barre Studio - Port Lincoln

Why Hot Yoga & Why Infrared Heat?

Find out all you need to know about hot yoga here….



Hot Yoga to detox and build strength, Yin Yoga for flexibility and stillness, Warm Flow for a gentle, nourishing yoga practice & Barre for strength and tone 


A welcoming, light filled space that is non judgemental and supportive.

Solfit Yoga & Barre is for anyone and everybody looking to find that balance in life and take the time out to nurture and challenge oneself both physically and mentally.

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