Yoga Classes


Hot Yoga Flow 

A dynamic Vinyasa yoga flow practiced in 34-37 degrees infrared heated studio. Hot yoga flow is a more intense workout style of yoga connecting breath with movement. Energising and nourishing, this class develops physical strength and flexibility throughout the entire body while also improving cardiovascular health.

Read more about Hot Yoga here.

Yin Yoga

A slow, theraputic practice targeting beyond the superficial muscles into the tendons, bones, ligaments, fascia and joints, whilst also stimulating the organs of the body through meridians (energy channels) to release blockages and increase energy flow.

Mostly floor based with a focus on hips and lower back, the stretches are held between 3-5 mins allowing time to settle into the pose and feel the full benefits.

Perfect for highly active people - runners, cyclists and footballers, as well as anyone wanting to work on any tight areas in their body (non-heated)

Men’s Yoga

Men’s Yoga is specifically designed and sequenced around the male physique.
This Warm Vinyasa/Yin style class works on flexibility, balance, endurance, core, and overall strength targeting hips, glutes, lower back, hamstrings and calves.
A balanced mix of flow, core strengthening, cardio and longer held poses to target the joints and connective tissue.
This class could also be considered as an active recovery for sports persons due to the infrared heating, promoting faster recovery and the opportunity to deepen ones stretches beyond the muscles and into the fascia, therefore helping to prevent injuries.

Warm Yoga Flow

A slower paced, flowing practice fusing elements of vinyasa and yin style postures to strengthen, heal and detoxify. 

Practiced in 24-27 degree infrared heated studio. This class is ideal if you’re not ready for hot yoga but still want to experience the full benefits.

Restorative Flow

Perfect if you’ve never practiced yoga or have done so occasionally. You will be gently guided through the class at a slower pace, taking time to settle in to the poses while exploring and accepting your body, its limits and capabilities. 

Nourish yourself and replenish your energy levels with this blissful class.

Restorative yoga is a practice of inner healing and is all about slowing down and opening your body through passive stretching and slow flows. This class will carry you into a deep state of relaxation through longer holds, allowing your muscles and your nervous system to relax deeply. 


Through stillness and deep breathing you can experience a profound restoration of body, mind and soul. 




“Yoga is the ability to calm the fluctuations of the conscious mind”

- Patanjali